explore your super powers

the Siren levitate

About the Secret

When you are within 50 meters of any Starbucks, take out your magic wand, I mean your phone and launch our app. Or use it to locate the closest Starbucks nearby (within 10 kilometers), no need to do anything but hold your phone face-up.

Locate the floating Siren (logo) when you walk into the store.
Pan around the room looking through your phone to find the Siren,
(like taking a 360 degree picture of the inside of the store, but faster).
Once you do, tap on the logo and that week's secret recipe is revealed to you.
Show it to your Barista and they will make it for you.
Share it with a friend and extend the magic.
It is available at every Starbucks world wide, and we mean every Starbucks.

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Feel free to email us to provide feedback on the coordinates of the Starbucks store, give us suggestions for new drinks, share your story with us, or to just say hello!